Services and logistic

Supply is of course, a vital element of our activity. Proposing beautiful quality products at competitive prices is great – delivering them on time is crucial. In order to encourage the loyalty of our retailers we offer them a supply service worthy of our products.
Super fast deliveries
Shipment within 24/48 hours from stock

Very high product availability

With over 95% of our orders delivered from stock, we probably have the best level of product availability in the profession. In addition, Plastoria has created stock prediction tools which permanently adjust the quantities of the potential demand. Our retailers are generally amazed at our responsiveness. Orders are delivered in no time and with extraordinary precision.

Easily accessible information

Plastoria offers a very complete extranet, where you can access all of our services 24/7 – searching products, following orders, online payment, creation of offers, …

After-sales service

Quality is a serious matter for Plastoria. We offer an international guarantee of 2 years on all our products (valid world-wide). Should your customer have a complaint about anything, we will do everything possible to solve the problem to everyone’s satisfaction. We take back the item from the customer for repair or replacement in no time. It is a part of our commitment to customer satisfaction.